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7th January
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The theme I’m using for my wordpress blog came with an image for right beneath the header. It was a mostly black and white image of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a neat picture, but it wasn’t personal. So I replaced it with an image I took of Seattle. While I like the picture I took, I don’t think it fits the color scheme of the site quite as well as the image that came with it. Which has led me to want to replace it with a shot that was more gray. While this isn’t that difficult, this being the middle of winter in Seattle, I still wanted a pop a color in the image.

I took three shots this morning at -2, 0, +2 exposure values and used Photoshop to convert it into an HDR image. It was alright, so I messed around with the settings a bit. Somehow I managed to turn the city mostly gray, and I turned up the red saturation just enough to enhance the red already in the image without turning the entire image red. I’m not sure why the sky has a bluish tint though, and I’m not sure how to get rid of it. There was a peak of sunlight this morning, which I believe added to the color in the image. I will have to go back another day, when it is completely overcast and take more pictures. And maybe I’ll even remember to grab my tripod for once.

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