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8th January
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When we had gone to the ballet in December, the ticket envelope came with a 20% off entrees coupon for Ten Mercer. Tonight, Josh, Kerry, and I went to try it. Honestly, I didn’t expect a lot because the Yelp reviews made it seem pretty average. But I’m happy to say that I was impressed. The staff was super friendly. The atmosphere was really cool, it was contemporary but still warm and inviting. And the food was delicious.

And then, we found out that Ten Mercer is part of this charity effort along with a bunch of other restaurants in Seattle. Basically, 5% of proceeds from your meal go to the charity supported by the restaurant. So, tonight, 5% from my meal went to an arts fund. Oh, and for signing up you get this cookbook, for free, that contains a recipe from each of the restaurants involved in the charity effort.

Basically, it was an amazing meal, I helped a charity, and got a cookbook.

So, I decided to take a picture of the martini I had. They had made up this martini the day before 1:1.5 parts sherry and gin with one more ingredient which I can’t remember, and then the orange garnish. This was a really interesting martini. Every time that you took a sip, it tasted just a little different. I once again used my fixed focus, 50mm lens, 1.8fstop since the lighting was low. And once again, my photo is not in focus. Maybe by the end of the 365 days I’ll be able to get a picture in focus with this lens. I’m also including a link to the other picture I took of the martini, but I tried to focus on the napkin instead of the drink.

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