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20th January
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There was a protest in downtown tonight. They were yelling something about justice? But I couldn’t figure out what they wanted justice for. I’m not sure if this is typical for Seattle, but the size of this protest was about the size of the “riot” outside of Key Arena after the Seattle Storm won the championships in 2010. Actually, that “riot” may have been bigger…

Anyway, I was in downtown to get a haircut so I decided to take my camera and the wide angle lens I had borrowed from Kevin. I tried taking a picture of the protest, but with the wide angle lens, you couldn’t even tell that there was a protest it was so small. As I walked down Pine, I noticed it was packed with cop cars. There actually might have been as many cop cars as there were protesters. I liked using the wide angle lens for this because I was able to get more of the cop cars in this as well as the buildings, so you get an idea of what the setting is. This versus a higher focal length which would get fewer cars and only the Macy’s building in view.

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