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10th March
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As part of Dine Around Seattle, we went to try Art in downtown. It was the restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel. It was super fancy; there was a doorman who stood outside in the cold and the wind and opened doors for people. And the staff pulled my chair out for me when we got to our table. I was amazed, lol.

Anyway, the food was delicious. For dessert, Wilk had this lemon cake thing and on top was this hardened sugar candy. My guess is they melted down sugar, poured it out on wax paper to cool, and made sure it was spread really thin. As it cool, it formed this interesting web/bubble shape. (To the right is my dessert – a rich/creamy chocolate cake with gold leaf to decorate and strawberry sauce.)

All I had with me was my phone. I turned off the flash because I didn’t want the glare from it to affect the picture nor did I want to disturb the other patrons. The photo turned out really dark, so with Microsoft Office Picture Manager, I raised the brightness and contrast.

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