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20th May
written by admin

One may ask… why would you make a bag for chalk?? Well, it’s a bag used for during rock climbing, in case your hands start to lose their grip. For a pattern, I ended up looking at a chalk bag at a store. After examining it, I decided it wasn’t worth it to buy one because it was so simple and that I would make one myself.

After cutting out the pieces, I started by sewing the outside into it’s bag shape. Then to make the seams look extra clean, I sewed the seams down with a little top stitching. After getting that done, I moved on to the lining. The lining was made out of felt, while the outside had a twill and then cotton layer.

After attaching the lining to the outside, it was time to get the eyelet attached for the drawstring. Once I did that, I added another lining at the top to close in the raw edges. Then I string plastic wire through the top lining to add extra structure to it.

At this point, the bag is pretty much put together. I added the drawstring next and the the stopper.

Lastly, I add a loop to the top lining so that I can hook it on a carabiner on my climbing harness. And that’s it! I now have a chalk bag for climbing.

19th May
written by admin

Last year, my little sister asked me to make a dress for her. She had found this tutorial on how to make a dress with minimal effort. I told her that I would do it, but it took me months to get started. Her birthday is in March; I finally got around to making this in August (at least it’s still hot in Chicago in August…).

I started with a tank top and some fabric I found that matched. From there, the first step was to cut the tank top into 1/3 and 2/3rds.

Then with the fabric, sew the sides. Then fold the fabric again and just baste across the open edge. Using the thread from the baste, you pull to create the ruffles.

After sewing that to the top 1/3rd of the tank top… you have a dress! With some the left over fabric, you can create a belt/sash to cover up the seam. And with that, you’re done!

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