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25th November
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This year, the Bulls played the Portland Trailblazers on a Sunday, and then on Monday, the Bears played the San Francisco 49ers. So, of course, that meant that Poonam and I were going to follow our Chicago sports teams around the West Coast. That is where to name of the post came from, WCCST2012 = West Coast Chicago Sports Tour 2012.

We decided to spend a couple days in Portland to see the sights there. Poonam has never been there and I had only spent a few hours there (the last time the Bulls played in Portland). We had to stop at Moonstruck, because, well, because I miss it so much, so we did that. We saw the this crazy sign of where various locations are, thousands of miles away. We saw the lot where all the food trucks are, Powell’s City of Books, and stopped by Voodoo Donuts. We didn’t go in, the line was waaaaay too long. We also saw this memorial to the Japanese Americans that were sent off to “Internment Camps” during WWII. We also took Portland’s Underground Tour, which is mostly above ground, but rather is more about the seedy history of Portland. Unlike Seattle’s underground tour, which is underground.

Then it was off the to the Bull’s game! We lost. :( But it was still fun, I’ve never sit so close to the court before! I mostly took close-up pictures of the players. I was just so excited to be sitting that close. Also when I tried to get action shots, I was having issues with the heads of the folks in front of me getting in my shots.

The next morning it was off to SF for the Bears game. That game went waaaay worse than the Bulls game. And even though we lost terribly, it was only my second Bears game ever, so I’m still happy. I only took some pictures at the beginning of the game, you know when I still had hopes… lol.

For the entire set, see my flickr page.

3rd November
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In Seattle, part of the WA-99 highway goes through downtown Seattle, right on the waterfront. This portion of the highway is called the Alaskan Way Viaduct. It’s not very safe, and things would not be good for someone driving on it during an earthquake, so they want to replace the viaduct with a tunnel. I’m not sure how a tunnel is safer during an earthquake, but I’m also not a civil engineer, so I’ll ignore that issue. The City of Seattle wants to replace the space taken by the viaduct with this waterfront park; they want to revitalize that area of downtown and making a touristy park can do that.

I love driving on the viaduct. I think it has some of the best views of downtown and some of the best views of water and mountains. You can’t get those views on the ground. And the only other way to get those views is to have an office in one of those buildings next to the water. I drive that way too and from Tae Kwon Do. And over the summer, I got to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not sure when they will be tearing down the highway, so I wanted to capture a sunset before summer ended. The video does not do it justice, but it’s the best I could do.

As a note, I was driving while holding the camera so I wasn’t looking at what I was recording. There’s also one point where I’m making a turn, and needed both hands on the wheel to make it safely, so I move the camera away from the view. If you have any suggestions for music I could put in the background, let me know.

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