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28th July
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I’ve been meaning to make this post for months, and why not wait till the middle of the summer to write about snow??

I’ve never been snowshoeing before this trip. Being out in the Pacific Northwest though, there are plenty of opportunities. I decided to take a trip with REI because not only did they provide equipment and transportation, but they would be teaching you techniques to handle the terrain along the way.

One of the main aspects of snowshoeing that I was excited about was seeing all of the unspoiled snow. I think snow that hasn’t been stomped over is beautiful, and when you go skiing you don’t really get a chance to see things like that unless you’re doing double black diamonds or backcountry skiing, where no one has been. Taking pictures of this was especially interesting. The trees created dark shadows but the sunlight was glaring off the snow. I definitely haven’t had a bunch of experience working with the range in light in pictures before.

here are some pictures I ended up with. The rest you can see on my flickr page.

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