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24th January
written by admin

It’s always exciting when I have enough energy to take out my tripod and today was one of those days. I had zero pictures of Wrigley and me. So, out came the tripod. I set it up in my room because the light was brightest in there. I set the camera to timer mode, however, it would focus when I clicked the shutter release button, not after the 10 seconds – which I think is normal, but it was really annoying because I somehow had to focus the lens at the right spot without actually being able to look in the view finder. Then I had to get Wrigley in that 10 seconds and sit in some sort of pose and hope Wrigley didn’t move while the shutter was released.

I probably took 25 photos and ended up with 3 that were in focus where Wrigley was not moving. Then out of those 3, all of them looked better in black and white.

There are a number of things I would change though. I wish I had a better setting for the picture. The blinds aren’t that special, but that’s the only place the tripod would fit. I wish I had a remote trigger for the camera so I could sit down and have Wrigley and I actually be in focus. Finally, I would have some setup with the external flash such that I didn’t need to be forced to stay in my room to get decent lighting.


  1. Kevin

    It still turned out pretty good. No luck getting the flash to fire externally? Happy to help if you want to bring it in (along with the camera).

  2. the baby sis

    you’re so emo, i love it

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