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25th January
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One thing I’ve wanted to do since moving to Queen Anne was take a picture of this church. I thought it looked really interesting with its little bell tower, the bricks, the architecture of the windows, etc. The wide angle lens was perfect for this, to get the entire church in view. Then I had to wait for a day where I was home when it was still light outside. Today, I finally had that chance.

I decided to turn this into an HDR image because the sky was blown out in every picture I took that got the church in the right colors. And you couldn’t see many details about the church if I metered against the sky. You can see the original images below. I think the only thing the image gained from the HDR was a little more grayness in the sky but even that was worth the HDR effort.

I didn’t take my tripod with me, so the original images didn’t match up perfectly, leaving a little ghosting, but I still think it looks ok.

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  1. Kevin

    Nice. The perspective distortion of the wide-angle is really visible on buildings because of the straight lines and your brain’s extensive training on what they are supposed to look like. I think it adds to the picture, but if you disagree, you can typically “correct” it in Lightroom or Photoshop.

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