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31st January
written by admin

I’ve been wanting to try the black and white with an item in color thing like Kevin did here. Wrigley was playing with his tug toy and I was able to get up super close with the wide angle lens. I just let it sit on the ground and I pressed the shutter release. Because the camera was on the ground and I was using the wide angle lens, I think the picture makes it look like the camera was farther away from Wrigley than it actually was.

Wrigley is a little blurry because he was moving while the picture was being taken, but somehow the toy remained still enough for me to get the picture.

Then I looked up tutorials on how to get the picture in black and white, but only expose the color in the areas I chose. When I finally found a tutorial, it turned out pretty straightforward, but my hands aren’t that steady so if you look really close at the picture, you can see that I got some of the rug in color as well. But with the small picture, it looks right.


  1. Kevin

    Nice! :-)

  2. Kramer

    I think the black and white totally makes up for any blurriness, and the effect is cool.

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