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1st December
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Week 48 – November 26, 2014 – December 2, 2014
Made on November 27, 2014

For Thanksgiving, I made a Quinoa Salad I had seen on Food & Wine to bring a potluck/Friends-giving dinner. I pretty much followed this recipe as is. I was actually able to find all of the ingredients, so I didn’t have to make any substitutions. The instructions were easy to follow. I thought this recipe turned out great. There were interesting ingredients. The dish tasted great. It even looked interested too, with all the colors from the red onion, to the orange of the sweet potatoes, and even the quinoa. I used rainbow quinoa since the recipe didn’t specify a certain kind. I don’t know if I changed the flavor at all, but it was great! I would definitely make this recipe again.

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