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16th December
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Week 50 – December 10, 2014 – December 16, 2014
Made on December 13, 2014

This week we were having a potluck at my Tae Kwon Do instructor’s house. I wanted to make something vegetarian since there wouldbe folks in attendance that are vegetarian. I had this salad pinned from the Food & Wine and decided to try it.

I thought it was delicious. For the most part it was pretty staright-forward. I highly recommend reading the entire recipe first and coming up with an order to make things because there are lots of parts that can be done at the same time. This recipe probably doesn’t need the raisins. When I ate this, I never found or tasted the raisins at all. The pickled shallots were neat. I think one shallot would be enough though. Two shallots makes it as though the whole salad is actually shallots. Then I didn’t end up using all the bread the recipe recommended. I think I used about two-thirds. Since I made the what the recipe recommended though, the bread with the dressing, toasted, was delicious on it’s own. I would make toast like that again, without the rest of the salad.

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