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6th March
written by admin

I had been focusing so much on getting older photos posted that almost forgot to take a picture for today! When I got my camera out it was already 11:53PM. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what I wanted to take a picture of so I decided to go with the idea I used from picture 59 of a vase from the top down.

In this vase, I put some pebbles to help keep some flowers from tipping over. Since I was taking a top down photo, I feel like I got an interesting effect, like the vase is actually a window of sorts. When looking though the vase you see pebbles and not the wood from the table.

The image is a little blurry, I was worried that if I spent to much time worrying about the lighting and getting the external flash out that I wouldn’t have a picture before midnight.


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