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24th March
written by admin

Last night, at around 11:30 I noticed how calm the bay was. The lights reflecting off the water looked awesome. But I had already taken a picture for 3/21, so I decided to wait until after midnight. Apparently, that was too much time. I don’t know if it was wind, or boats were passing, causing the changes in the water, but the beautiful reflections had been minimized to this.

I took a bunch a pictures anyway. I used my tripod for it, but it is just proving to me a again that I want a remote for the shutter release because a lot of the pictures turned out blurry.

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  1. Kramer

    Does your camera not have a 10 second timer? That is usually enough time to get it to be calm, but not always. You should pull the trigger (hehe) on getting a remote shutter

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