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26th March
written by admin

I’ve been looking for a game to play and I hear that Mass Effect is a good game. I ordered it online and picked it up from the front desk at my apartment.

I was also messing with Wilk’s camera. The EXIF data will show I was using a Sony and not my Nikon. I find the UI on his camera confusing, but I was determined to figure out how to change the settings. It took some time, but I figured it out. The lens was 1.8fstop, 50mm with auto-focus. I figured out how to move the focal point to a different area of the field of view, instead of having to focus on the center and then move the camera. I raised the ISO slightly to get a faster shutter speed. I left the metering mode in multi-segment.


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  1. Kramer

    i was wondering what lens you were using when I saw the picture, cause I could tell it wasn’t yours. Nice work.

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