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17th February
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On February 7th, Viral and I drove to Portland to watch the Bulls game. Portland is the closest city to Seattle that has a basketball team and the Bulls only play in Portland once during the regular season, so we basically had to go. :)

We left work early and got to Portland with enough time to stop by Moonstuck. Moonstruck is a chocolate cafe. There used to be two in Illinois. But both closed when the economy started to tank. Now, the only Moonstruck’s exist in Portland. Mmmmm chocolate.

After chocolate, it was off to the game! I’m only including a few pictures here. But for the entire set (and more chocolate pictures) click here for my flickr photostream.

7th February
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Derrick Rose taking a shot in the Rose Garden in Portland. I like this one because it looks like Rose is just floating there trying to line up his shot. I was in shutter priority mode at 1/80th of a second. This was actually still too slow, because if you look at the picture in it’s actual size, you will see how blurry the picture is. However, if I made the shutter speed faster though, the pictures became too dark. :( This was also at 1600 ISO.

Also, I forgot my telephoto lens at home. All I had was my kit lens, so I basically spent the evening at 55mm (which is as high as my kit lens will go). Sigh, I definitely didn’t have the right set up for the game. But it made me put my camera away and just enjoy the game/experience (even though we lost).

I will post more pictures from the Portland trip when I have a chance (more pictures from the game and from Moonstruck!).

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23rd January
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Bears beads have been removed; the chocolate has made its appearance (there’s lots of ice cream in the kitchen as well), and I’m going to watch some of the Bulls games from the 90s dynasty….

Sigh… hopefully this will make me feel better.