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26th March
written by admin

For the holidays, you know back in December, I went back home to Chicago. My sisters and I decided to spend some time in the city. We started out with brunch at The North Pond. They had a 3 courses for about $30 deal, so we had to try it. And each of us got different items so we could share and try each other’s food. Here’s just a couple pictures of the food we had. There are more on my flickr page.

After brunch, I convinced my sisters that we should stop by the location of the fire house, where they shoot the show “Chicago Fire”. I knew the location because they showed the street signs of the intersection nearby in one of the scenes earlier in the season. Well, we got there, and I was just thinking that we’d take a few pictures of the outside and then be on our way… but then we saw some of the firemen through a window. I thought they were going to tell us to get off their driveway, because maybe it was a hazard in case they got called to a fire. But instead, they started to wave at us. They invited us into the fire house and gave us a tour! It was awesome! It looks exactly like it looks on the show, it was super neat to be there. :) Here are a couple pictures, but there are more on my flickr page.

Poonam suggested that we visit Obama’s house next, but I wanted to get back home for the Bears game, which was going to start soon. So we headed back to the suburbs.

The last picture I have here is from O’Hare on my way back to Seattle. I love the tunnel between the main terminal and terminal C (where United is) because of the pretty lights. So I spent a few minutes getting some pictures of it.