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6th April
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Week 12 – March 19, 2014 – March 25, 2014
Made on March 22, 2014

During this week of 2014, I was in Iceland! And if you haven’t been able to tell yet, I like food. That includes food from other countries. One of my favorite ways to discover a place is through it’s food. So while I was in Iceland, not only was I eating a lot, I took a cooking class.

The cooking class was from this business: salt eldhus. Salt eldhus means “salt kitchen” (I think). They really like their salt in Iceland. I imagine it’s because they are are small island surrounded by salt water. Not to mention that they have so many interesting minerals and such to infuse with the salt. The class I took was the Local in Focal class.

We made a three course meal as part of this class. First was the appetizer: Arctic Char sous vide with Shrimp and Pressed Potato Salad. The chef made sous vide seem so easy… I was a little surprised. We didn’t use any special sous vide device. All we did was have a pot of water, heat it up to a certain temperature, and then monitor it to make sure the temperature stayed consistent. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should invest in a kitchen thermometer, this trip helped solidify the decision to get one.

Then for the main course we had Icelandic mountain lamb with angelica, baby potatoes, and a beet salad. I was focused on the beet salad and used a mandolin for the first time. Everytime the chef walked by he told me to watch my fingers. That blade did look sharp, but I didn’t injure myself and the beet salad turned out great. :)

Then for dessert we had Semi-frozen Skyr mousse with wild blueberries, thyme, and toasted oats. Skyr is like a mix between greek yogurt and mascarpone cheese. According to the way it’s made, it’s technically considered a cheese, but people eat it like greek yogurt and in desserts. I didn’t have a hand in making this one. This was made by the other group in the class. And it tasted delicious.