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26th December
written by admin

Today, I decided to not be lazy! I baked cookies! Not just any kind of cookies, I made oreos from scratch.

Here is one cookie. I placed it on a plain white plate for the background. I turned on as many lights as I could. Then, with a little post processing, I enhanced the brown a little so you can see the cracks and whatnot in the cookie.

It was a really good recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog. There are lots of good recipes here.

21st December
written by admin

I was watching tv last night and saw Cupcake Wars in HD. The cupcakes looked soooo delicious and it made me want to make cupcakes myself. So off to the store I went, got some supplies and started to bake away.

The first thing I wanted to do was make cupcakes that were fluffy and moist. My least favorite cupcakes are ones that are super thick and dry. I found this recipe. Mixing the butter and sugar looked like it was going to be difficult, but it turned out not to be so bad. You just have to give it a few minutes and keep at it and the softened butter will turn into this sugar/butter “dough” (I think it kinda looks like mashed potatoes). After that, it was really simple to add the eggs and vanilla. Finally, one just needs to alternate adding the dry ingredients with the milk. Last step was to pour the batter into a cupcake tin.

I used the time the cupcakes were in the oven and then cooling to prepare the frosting. While the link above included a recipe for buttercream, I wanted to make one that was a little more festive, which is how I came up with this. But have a few changes I wanted to make for this recipe. Getting the butter at room temperature seemed to work ok, but even lightly softening the butter with a microwave might be useful. I would not recommend putting it in the microwave so long that it melts though. This recipe calls for 7 crushed peppermint sticks. Instead of peppermint sticks which turned out to be extremely difficult to crush I used peppermint soft candies. These are the ones that are used sometimes as mints at restaurants. As for the peppermint liquid, I used extract instead of schnapps.

Out of this part of the recipe, the part that took the longest was crushing the candy. I used a mortar and pestle. And eventually, I had half a cup.

After gathering all the ingredients the directions simply call for them to be mixed together. However the change I would make here is to not add in the crushed peppermint candy if you want the frosting to be white. If you don’t mind the colors of the candy mixing into the frosting then go ahead and mix it in. Mine turned out pretty straight forward. Except that it turned pink because of the crushed peppermint candy. If it’s not mixing well add a little milk at a time. If you add too much milk, add more powdered sugar to fix the consistency of the frosting. After you get the consistency right, hand stir in the crushed peppermint candy.

And after a little time to decorate, we have the results!

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